Self-build House in Shepeau Stow.

Self-build house in Shepeau Stow, near Crowland. The planners insisted on a property that blended in well with the surrounding community. The brick choice and style of brickwork “Old Garden Wall Bond” has worked very well and looks fantastic.

A few words from the owner(s)

"We gained planning permission to build a new house on our plot in May 2013. We intended to self-build, only using sub-contract labour for major elements such as brickwork and roofing. We were given Mark Stewart’s details by a neighbour who had dealings with them before and recommended them for our brickwork. We procured several quotes and chose to employ Mark Stewart; mainly for their initial impression and ‘can do’ attitude. Also we found them personable, which was important to us, as we were running the works personally.


Our build was not straightforward, due to planning restrictions; we were forced to use a rare bond of brickwork and mortar was a complicated mix of sands and white cement. As we had no architect or project manager, we relied on the bricklayers to set out the building, sort out levels and a plan for the brickwork bond. Also being a sloping site this was not straightforward. Our bricklaying commenced in December, not the best time for this element. Mark Stewart’s team always turned up on time, whatever the weather, and would only leave if the weather was against them for the whole day. The work was carried out professionally, to a high standard, and with any problems solved on a discussion basis.


We were impressed that, because we were living on site with a small child, they were respectful and polite. We struck a personal relationship and found they almost became part of the family. We would recommend Mark Stewart and his team without hesitation as bricklayers and found the whole process to be easy and amicable."


- Mr & Mrs Andrew and Heather Hemsworth

Self build house in Shepeau Stow, near Crowland.